In year 2000, the family of Mrs. RABIA MOON and a group of dedicated doctors, professionals & individuals realized the  dismal condition of public healthcare in the country, especially in Neurological and Psychiatric disorder that was the moment of the birth of a dream.

They dreamt of setting up an institute where every deserving who walked in was offered the best possible treatment and not charged for anything. Finally in March 2001 the dream become a reality through the limitless efforts of the passionate doctors and the assistance of several Philanthropists. The team of dedicated individuals came forward and pledged their support to make a perceptible difference in the life of the most vulnerable members of the society. Thus came about The Rabia Moon Institute.Now this dream has lit the candles of hope for many people.

 In the last Fifteen years since its inception institute has provided free treatments to more then 1 million out-patients belonging to all regions of Pakistan. Institute currently runs at a yearly operational cost 25 millions and this is expected to increase exponentially with time. And even through the Institute relies on community support for financial aid including Zakat, Donations and Sadqat.

Our Values

The behaviors of our employees demonstrate daily to patients and their fellow staff enable RABIA MOON INSTITUTE OF NEUROSCIENCES (Trust) to continue with its mission and exemplify our values. RABIA MOON INSTITUTE OF NEUROSCIENCES (Trust)'s values define who we are as an organization, what we stand for and how we continue the work of helping others. These values are

  • (S) Service Excellence 

    To provide an exceptional experience to every customer – whether it is a patient, colleague or visitor and to do so in each and every encounter. Take pride in consistently delivering high-quality service.

  • (C) Collaboration ong

    To engage all members of the RABIA MOON INSTITUTE OF NEUROSCIENCES (Trust) community by promoting opportunities to work together. Take pride in listening, problem solving and building strong teams.

  • (O) Ownership 

    To evaluate your work environment and develop and implement achievable recommendations to improve our services. Take pride in being accountable, working hard to communicate your intentions, committing to taking action and following through on the commitments you’ve made.

  • (R) Respect 

    To interact professionally with others. Though individuals may not always agree, take pride in being open-minded and compassionate, and appreciate the perspectives and experiences that others bring to the table and are willing to share.

Guiding Principles

  1. We strive to exceed our customer’s expectations.
  2. We are committed to our Institute staff’s welfare, education, and development.
  3. We continually improve the quality and safety of everything we do.
  4. We strive for professional excellence and innovation in all we do.
  5. We embrace cultural diversity with Thai Institute.
  6. We strive to make everything we do” World Class”.
  7. We are trusted, honest, and ethical in all our dealings.
  8. We work as a team and share what we know.
  9. We highly value our corporate social responsibilities
  10. We operate in an environmentally responsible manner.

Our Commitment

From the moment you walk in the doors at Rabia Moon Institute of Neurosciences (Trust) as a patient or visitor, you can expect high levels of quality healthcare service, excellence customer service and compassionate care. This is our commitment to you.

Our desire is that you feel welcomed and informed throughout your stay at the hospital. If, for some unforeseen reason, your expectations are not met, please let us know. Our employees are dedicated to improving your stay and helping speed your recovery

When you or a family member is brought to a particular unit, you will be given information about your caregivers and how to contact them when needed. In addition, you will have contact information for the manager and director of the unit, in the event your problem is not resolved with your caregiver.

At Rabia Moon Institute of Neurosciences (Trust), our skilled professionals are committed to expressing the core values of Mercy in their everyday work - values that include dignity, compassion, collaboration, justice and excellence. Most of all, they are committed to creating a comforting, healing environment for you.



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