The Neurophysiology lab provides several tests to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions of the brain and nervous system.We have a highly skilled staff of technologists who perform tests independently and in conjunction with physicians depending on what type of test is requested.

Neurophysiology lab is well equipped to carry out various investigations.

Electroencephalography - EEG

  • The electroencephalogram (EEG) is a measure of brain waves. It is a readily available test that provides evidence of how the brain functions over time.
  • The EEG is used in the evaluation of brain disorders. Most commonly it is used to show the type and location of the activity in the brain during a seizure. It also is used to evaluate people who are having problems associated with brain function. These problems might include confusion, coma, and tumors, long-term difficulties with thinking or memory, or weakening of specific parts of the body (such as weakness associated with a stroke).
  • An EEG is also used to determine brain death. It may be used to prove that someone on life-support equipment has no chance of recovery


  • EEG Machine 32 Channel. Med-Ex Corporation.(CHINA)
  • Include Accessories: Med-Ex Photic, Stimulator, Med-Ex EEG Acquisition System,
  • Power Supply Adapter Branded, Acr LCD, and Desktop Computer System with keyboard mouse, Hp Laser jet printer.


Mr. ALtaf Hussain

Certified E.E.G Technician

Electromygraphy - EMG

  • EMG, or Electromyography is a technique for evaluating and recording the electrical activity produced by muscles.
  • EMG is performed using a machine called the electromyography, to produce a record called an electromyogram. An electromyogram detects the tiny amount of electricity generated by muscle cells when they are activated by the nerves connected to them
  • Specialists analyze these signals to detect medical abnormalities in the spinal cord, nerves and the muscles that are connected to specific nerves.

Nerve Conduction Velocity - NCV

  • NCV or Nerve Conduction Velocity, is an electrical diagnostic test that provides information about abnormal conditions in the nerves. Nerves are stimulated with small electrical impulses by one electrode while other electrodes detect the electrical impulse "down-stream" from the first electrode. The resulting nerve impulses are then measured and the outcome is interpreted by the physician.
  • The NCV test is often done at the same time as the EMG in order to exclude or detect both nerve and muscle conditions.

Auditory Brain-stem Evoked Responses - ABR

  • Electrical potentials that occur in the group of neuron in response to stimulation of a sense organ which can be recorded by surface electrodes are known as Evoked Potential. ( e.g. ABR and VEP )
  • Auditory brainstem response (ABR) is a neurologic test of auditory brainstem function in response to auditory (click) stimuli. ( It’s a set of seven positive waves recorded during the first 10 seconds after a click stimuli. They are labeled as I – VI )
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