Rabia Moon Trust - The Beginning

Twenty years ago, the family of Mrs. Rabia Moon and a group of dedicated doctors, professionals & individuals realized the dismal condition of public healthcare in the country, especially in Neurological and Psychiatric disorders that was the moment of the birth of a dream. They dreamt of setting up an institute where every deserving who walked in was offered the best possible treatment and not charged for anything. Finally in March 2001 the dream became a reality through the limitless efforts of the passionate doctors and the assistance of several philanthropists. The team of dedicated individuals came forward and pledged their support to make a perceptible differences in the life of the most vulnerable members of the society. Thus came about The Rabia Moon Trust. Now this dream has lit the candles of hope for many people.  In the last nineteen years since its inception institute has provided free treatments to more than 2 million out-patients belonging to all regions of Pakistan. Institute currently runs at a yearly operational cost 30 millions and this is expected to increase exponentially with time. And even though the institute relies on community support for financial aid including Zakat, Donations, and Sadqat.

Our institute doctors examine patients so that they diagnose.

Our exceptional and experienced staff is dedicated to improving our patients’ physical & mental health and enhancing smiles. Our exceptional and experienced staff is dedicated to improving our patients.